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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok, just a quick note on a Tuesday evening in the midsmack of summer. So far Toronto has not experienced the muggy, hot and sticky weather I kind of love hate. It has been very average and a bit cool even. The kids have been busy, Sigrid came back from camp, Pippi is playing tennis and Jojo went to a day camp last week and dances this week. I am in the middle of Cooking Camp and it is going really well. I think I am ready to move on to older kids. This week I don't have any small children and it is a lot of fun! What about the pictures?? Jojo is helping out at the cafe' one day, could not resist taking a picture. The other ones are from our backyard with granpa' and nana. The one on the dock is from Lake Ontario, just down the street from our house. French friends visiting and enjoying the summer!
Have to sleep now. The plan is to run 13 km tomorrow morning so I need my beauty sleep!!! Bye for now!

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