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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yesterday was as I wrote Valentines Day. It was a good day.. Had to add the picture of our cookies. The picture turned out pretty cute, I think.
Today on the other hand was totally different. I spent the day at work.... I just ran around like a crazy person and still we didn't get to finish everything we should have done. I mean it is not that bad. It feels good to work but drive for 1 hour like I did today is insane! That is 1 hour there and 1 hour back! People do that stuff ALL THE THE TIME! I don't get it??
Thank God for kids friends Grand mother that is always there to step in and help out with my kids when I need. They all went to their house, skated and had dinner and watched Cinerella 111. It is a PA day tomorrow and the snow is still on the ground. It is -26C with the windchill!!! I think it will be a perfect day for some tobagooning!
Until next time!

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