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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day, I am always kind off lukewarm in regards to how I feel about this day. It is definitely a Hallmark holiday but it's obviously nice to get some extra attention. Anyway, I am going to get myself a nice pair of expensive denim jeans. I wonder if expensive jeans have always been the way to go or if the need comes with age?
Did a big catering yesterday and feel a bit wiped today. It was really fun and went great.
We have booked tickets to Europe this summer. Landing in Paris and on a plane to CPH right away. In Sweden for 8 days and then back to Paris for villa vacation with Patti and Francois. Hopefully we will have time for a mini trip to Praque and Vienna as well.
OK, short post today- going for a run and then tackle the day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you...I want to go to Europe too!!
Happy Mday. och on 2 veckor så är det mors dag i Sverige..hmmm kan vi fira den också då..hihi