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Monday, December 04, 2006

Ok, so the biscotti day was today. We had fun. It went by too fast of course. We made 4 different biscottis. They are all good.
Ginettas house worked perfectly.
I was super tired afterwards and came home to a messy house with no food. Hate that! I made chicken noodle soup that turned out ok. Luckily my kids likes crispbread which is perfect to add to a not so perfect or "incompleat" meal. They ate crispbread with cheese and soup. After dinner Mark decided to get the Tree! I decided that I needed a break from people so I went to YOGA at Downward dog. It was a great thing to do. I feel like I did learn a little bit at the fundamentals course so it is important to keep it up now. Mamma is coming on thursday so I assume it will be a little hard to escape and go to yoga while she is here, we'll see. Tomorrow I'm going to Bloor West Village to get the ham for my catering job. I'm also trying to get a costco run in. Can't decide what I should get for Sigrid. I think she would love something from Lululemon so maybe that is the way to go...
Mark is off to London on Thursday for 9 days. Kind of ok timing since mamma is coming on Thursday as well.
I can't believe it's almost 2007, i am turning 43!!! In a few months. Totally unbelievable.
Time for bed, it's geting really late!
Bye for now

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